MET Police Commissioner announces independent figure to review cop culture and standards


MET Police Commissioner announces independent figure to review cop culture and standards

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner has announced the appointment of an independent figure to conduct a review of Met culture and standards in order to rebuild public trust.

The Commissioner recognises that the murder of Sarah Everard has severely damaged public confidence in the Met Police Service, and that trust will be further diminished by the news of another officer charged with rape.

The Commissioner recognises that policing in the UK is done by consent and is absolutely committed to rebuilding public trust in the Met.

Having discussed her plans with the Mayor and Home Secretary, the Commissioner is today announcing a significant package of measures to regain that trust.

A high profile external figure will be appointed imminently to do a wholesale review of culture and standards in the Met in order to regain the public’s trust.

The full remit of the review will be announced shortly, but it will include looking at the culture at the Met as a whole, including professional standards, training, leadership, processes, and systems and standards of behaviour, and they will examine cases where officers have let the public down to see how they could have been prevented.

This powerful independent reviewer will report to the Commissioner and publish their findings and recommendations.

In addition, an external reference group will be appointed to provide insight, challenge and support. The Commissioner is appointing a dedicated Chief Officer and team to ensure the ambitious and challenging programme is delivered at pace.

The Commissioner fully recognises recent events mean there is public concern, not just about the Met overall, but specifically about the culture and standards within the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command. The public rightly expects the highest standards of officers across the Met and that absolutely includes those who are charged with protecting London’s iconic sites and the seat of government.

Therefore, the Commissioner is also announcing an in depth, searching and rigorous review focused on the Command – a team made up of 950 officers and staff. It will examine whether there are specific issues within the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command. This will report into the wider review which will be led by our external appointee into the culture and standards of the whole Met.

Commissioner Cressida Dick said: “I absolutely recognise the grave level of public concerns and the need to take urgent action.

“All of us in the Met realise that it will take time to rebuild that trust and we will work hard to do so. We know that the responsibility sits with us.

“My officers, staff and I are all determined to do everything we can to make sure the public can continue to trust our officers to keep them safe. I hope the announcement today of an independent person to work with us help demonstrate how seriously we take this and our commitment to making the changes needed.”

The Met will shortly be announcing both the details of its plan for improving police standards and its new violence against women and girls strategy.

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