British Royal Forces New Future Soldier Reserves Speech at Farnborough


British Royal Forces New Future Soldier Reserves Speech at Farnborough

The British Army developing the Future Soldier, its most radical programme of transformation in over 20 years.

Britain’s Farnborough International Airshow made its long-awaited return this week after 4 years, with aerospace and defense industry leaders gathering against a backdrop of a heatwave and travel chaos.

Launched as part of the Government’s Integrated Review, Future Soldier outlines how the Army will be organised and structured in the future and how it will deal with emerging threats across the world.

Watch the Video A special Reserves Day speech at Farnborough Airshow on the 21st July.

Future Soldier is about delivering a modern British Army that is fit for the challenges of the
future. To become more lethal, agile and expeditionary; an army able to fight and win wars and to
compete successfully in the grey-zone between peace and war.


The announcements are part of a series of pioneering changes to maximise opportunities available to all Army recruits regardless of education and background. Soldiers commissioning from the ranks will not be limited on how far they can be promoted, increasing the opportunity for a Private soldier to leave the Army as a General.

Deployable forces will be re-modelled around Brigade Combat Teams (BCTs), creating more self-sufficient tactical units that integrate the full range of capabilities at the lowest possible level, including artillery, un-crewed aerial systems, cyber, air defence, engineers, signals and logistical support.


Maximising the potential of every individual in the Army will be critical to success, as will be the creation of a culture where everyone is comfortable and empowered to perform to their very best.

Announcing the new details in the House of Commons, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said, “Future Soldier is reinforced by the ambition outlined in the Defence Command Paper to transform the Army into a more agile, integrated, lethal and expeditionary force. We have underpinned this generational work with a £24 billion increase in defence spending over the next four years.”

Farnborough, 18/07/2022 – The Purpose Coalition, which seeks to improve social mobility in the UK, has published a new report which shows how one of the UK’s biggest defence and security companies is benefitting disadvantaged regions by providing life-changing career opportunities. The “Levelling Up Impact Report” was unveiled today by Purpose Coalition Chair the Rt Hon Justine Greening at a launch event at Farnborough International Airshow.

The five-day trade show started off on Monday, which showcased the most advanced aircraft across commercial and military aviation.

Extreme heat

The July 18-22 event comes as soaring temperatures gripped parts of Europe and attendees faced scorching heat of 38C at the start of the week. Heat waves have become more frequent, more intenseas a result of the climate crisis.

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