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State of Sinkhole works area extended

Watford General Hospital Emergency sinkhole repairs have been extended to an area where pipework exists.

A lengthy and complex procedure

To see the hospital sign falling apart brings sadness at the aged building. The water has been temporarily turned off, and back up water supplies will be provide during repairs.

The road opened up further

Multiple excavations has uncovered pipework that needs replacing.

Safety barriers are now in place after photos at the weekend showed there weren’t any.

Urgently funding is needed an investment for a new hospital

Chief strategy officer Clare Parker said: “This latest problem is yet another indication of how urgently we need investment for a new hospital on land next to Watford General Hospital.

“Much of our pipework – like so much of our infrastructure – dates from the 1960s and is now at the end of its life. More disruption will follow from other systems which are now at risk of failing.

“We are continuing to press the case for funding for a new hospital building at Watford.”

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