Tesco Petrol Station in Watford Only Accepts Pay at Pump


Tesco Petrol Station in Watford Only Accepts Pay at Pump

Tesco petrol stations in Watford are now only accepting pay at pump payments, with no cash or card payments being taken inside the kiosk.

A member of staff said “This has been for 3 weeks so far” and it is down to “tils being down”

Tesco has previously said that it introduced the policy in Kent as a temporary measure due to a localised issue. However, it is unclear why the policy has now been extended to Watford.

One motorist who was affected by the policy said that he had to go short of fuel as he only had contactless mobile banking.

“I was really disappointed when I saw the signs saying that I couldn’t pay inside,” he said. “I only had my phone with me and I the pump did not accept contactless.”

We spoke to an elederly couple who were finding it difficult to pay, using the scan to scan the card, but it had to be insered. They said “This is crap, it’s not good”

Other petrol stations in the UK that have only pay at pump include:

  • BP in Slough
  • Shell in Milton Keynes
  • Esso in Birmingham

We are still waiting for a response from Tesco PLC.

What do you think about the move to only accept pay at pump payments at petrol stations?

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