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Watford Carnival Sun is Shining, and the weather is sweet

Watford’s Rio and Notting Hill-inspired carnival returns for its second year on Saturday.

The Watford Carnival is held at Radlett Road Playing Fields.


The carnival was set up by Jomo Oparah, the chief executive of events management company Mojo Fusion. Oparah said that the carnival is about “portraying socio-cultural interactions and promoting diverse cultural heritages in Watford.”

Watford FC legend Luther Blissett opened the festival on the day, along with local councillor Dawn Allen-Williamson and organiser Jomo Oparah.

“It’s great to see the carnival back in Watford,” said Blissett. “It’s a great opportunity for people to come together and celebrate our diverse cultures.”

Last Year 2022 (image by WatfordMedia)

Updates to follow.

Lit Fibre is named as one of the main sponsors ahead of the event.

The Watford Carnival is getting the ‘Lit feeling’ this year as Lit Fibre is named as one of the main sponsors ahead of the event. The community ISP is also switching on its service in Watford next week, meaning residents will soon be able to benefit from gigabit speeds up to 18 times faster than the UK average internet speed.

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