Undercover: Sexual Harassment -The Truth features Watford High Street


Undercover: Sexual Harassment -The Truth features Watford High Street

Ellie Flynn goes undercover, exposing the harsh reality of sexual harassment against women and girls in Britain today, from ‘dick pics’ to being flashed, groped, spiked and raped.

A YouGov survey for Channel 4 also found almost a quarter have been followed and one in 10 have had drinks spiked. A quarter had been raped or sexually assaulted on a night out.

Journalist Ellie Flynn was followed back to her hotel room after pretending to be drunk (Image: Channel 4)

Ellie said her ‘heart was racing’ when a man followed her back to her room, despite her telling him she didn’t want him to come. She said: “Despite giving the man no indication I want him to come with me, he follows me all the way back to my hotel room, which has been rigged with secret cameras.

“Dropping my drunk façade after the door closes, I ask him why he has followed me in. He insists: ‘We came together’. My heart is racing as I reply: ‘No we didn’t, you followed me. I never said to come’.”

The man was eventually convinced to leave and apologised, before he reportedly turned around and said: “Come on, give me a kiss.” Ellie had a security team on hand.

Carrying out the same experiment in Liverpool, Leicester Square London.

In some ways, what happened in London was even more sinister. At one point I was followed by two men who appeared to be working together.


Later that night I am followed again, this time by a man who has been loitering outside one of the busy clubs.

I take a rest at one point, pulling out my phone to send a message and see him staring at me from across the road.

It is only when we watch our footage back that we discover the same man has been hanging around the area for over an hour, and following me for five minutes before I notice him. Eventually, he makes his approach.

“You are not fine, you’re drunk,” he tells me, as he repeatedly offers me a taxi and follows me down the street.

At one point, he grabs my hand and rubs it on his crotch as I try to move away.

I stumble down the street with the man in pursuit, telling him I’m fine and that I’m going home.

As I say in the film: “To go out on two nights out and to have been targeted in the way that I was, repeatedly, is horrifying… It felt like… an organised approach to trying to get drunk, vulnerable women to leave with them.”

As many of us will be disappointed about the England match tonight, the impact this can have on survivors can be much more severe. Being disappointed about the match is NO excuse for abuse. #HesComingHome #ENGFRA

With very moving testimony from schoolgirls and older women, alike, this film demonstrates a worrying spectrum of sexual harassment.

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