Warning to Disabled Drivers as Rise in Theft from Blue Badge Holders

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Warning to Disabled Drivers as Rise in Theft from Blue Badge Holders

Disabled motorists in Watford are being urged to remove their blue parking permits from their vehicles overnight after police identified a recent rise in thefts.


The thefts have been happening in all areas of the town, and on three out of five occasions, the badges have been taken from vehicles parked outside the owner’s address overnight.

Five incidents of blue badge theft have been reported since Wednesday 9 August. In three of these cases, the badges were taken from vehicles parked outside the owner’s address overnight.

In one incident, a black Vauxhall Astra was broken into on Estcourt Road between 5pm on Wednesday 9 August and 6.30am on Thursday 10 August. A blue disabled badge was taken, along with some coins and tools. (Crime reference 41/64178/23)

In another incident, a grey Skoda was broken into on Lower Paddock Road overnight between 9pm on Monday 14 August and 11am on Tuesday 15 August. Sunglasses and a blue disabled badge were taken. (41/65358/23)

In another incident, between 1.30pm and 3.45pm on Tuesday 15 August, a blue disabled badge was stolen from a Hyundai i20 in Bermer Road. (41/65788/23)

Another incident in Asda car park on St Albans Road between 9.30pm on 16 August and 3.30pm on Thursday 17 August, a blue disabled badge was stolen from a white Vauxhall. (41/66091/23)

Blue disabled badge was stolen from a grey Honda in Raphael Drive between 3pm on Friday 18 August and 1pm on Saturday 19 August. (41/66644/23)

In addition to the blue badges, other items were also stolen in some of the incidents, including coins, tools, and sunglasses.

Police are urging blue badge holders to take steps to protect their permits, such as removing them from their vehicles overnight or keeping them in a secure place within the vehicle. They are also asking anyone who sees anything suspicious to report it to the police.

Tips for Protecting Your Blue Badge

  • Remove your blue badge from your vehicle overnight.
  • Keep your blue badge in a secure place within your vehicle, such as a locked glovebox or center console.
  • Do not lend your blue badge to anyone else.
  • Consider getting a blue badge protector.

By following these tips, you can help to protect your blue badge and prevent it from being stolen.

Inspector Dan Jones, who leads the Watford Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “We’re urging those with disabled parking permits to remove them from their vehicles overnight, because we’ve identified a crime series where we believe vehicles have been targeted specifically for the badges.

“We know these permits are a lifeline for those with reduced or limited mobility and without one, it can sometimes be impossible for them to carry out their day-to-day activities.”

If your blue badge is stolen, you should report it to the police immediately  online at herts.police.uk/report, via online web chat at herts.police.uk/contact or by calling the non-emergency number 101, quoting the relevant reference number.. You can also apply for a replacement badge from your local council.

Thefts have been reported in the following areas:

  • Estcourt Road
  • Lower Paddock Road
  • Bermer Road
  • Asda car park on St Albans Road
  • Raphael Drive

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