Barclays banks closing 15 high street branches including Radlett


Barclays banks closing 15 high street branches including Radlett

Barclays has announced it is set to close 14 branches across England and one in Wales from late April to the first few days on May.

This means that over 100 banks are slated to shut down so far this year.

Sites in London, Hertfordshire, Bridgwater and St Helens are among those shutting down over just a few days.

It comes days after NatWest said it’s closing 23 branches, and a week after Lloyds Banking Group said it is shutting 40 Halifax and Lloyds sites.

The banks blame low levels of footfall, which has rapidly been decreasing since the onset of mobile phone banking, which increased during the pandemic.

Lloyds said the number of customers visiting high street branches had dropped by 60% on average over the last five years.

Jenny Ross, Which? money editor, said: “While many consumers have embraced digital banking, there are still millions, including the elderly, vulnerable and isolated, who aren’t yet ready or willing to make that switch – and they must be protected.

“Our figures show how the number of bank branches and free-to-use ATMs has been slashed in recent years, so it’s vital that new legislation protects free access to cash for the millions of people who rely on it.

“The Government must guarantee minimum levels of access without fees being charged and give the Financial Conduct Authority powers to oversee the cash system to ensure it meets community needs.”

Barclays branches scheduled for closure:

  • Gosport-43/44 High Street-April 26
  • Bedale-18a North End-April 26
  • Bridgwater-16 High Street-April 26
  • Heywood-2 Church Street-April 28
  • Stamford-46/49 Broad Street-April 28
  • Oakham-10 High Street-April 28
  • Wymondham-45 Market Street-April 28
  • London-19 Fleet Street-May 3
  • Watton-56 High Street-May 3
  • Chislehurst-7 High Street-May 4
  • St Helens-19 Church Street-May 4
  • Radlett 221 Watling Street-May 5
  • Leyburn- Market Place-May 5
  • Talbot Green- 3 Ely Valley Road-May 5
  • Oundle-2 New Street-May 5
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