Hertfordshire M25 Just Stop Oil disruptions appeal from Police Forces


Hertfordshire M25 Just Stop Oil disruptions appeal from Police Forces

The Met and other police forces from Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Thames Valley and Surrey are collecting information regarding the disruptions by Just Stop Oil that took place on the M25 during November 2022.

This is an attempt to undermine the right to protest when the world is already being inconvenienced by climate droughts, floods, and wildfires.

Instead of holding greewashing and pollution businesses, and governments for biomass and other climate scandals.

They want to hear from anyone adversely affected* and might of experienced significant financial loss, or could not attend medical appointments, could not attend planned work, or who missed anything significant by the protest actions, and can provide a statement that will assist the investigations.

Officers from all six forces have regularly responded to incidents of protestors scaling and attaching themselves to overhead gantries, who then had to climb up after them, unlock them, and bring them down. To do this carriageway had to be closed, often preventing members of the public getting to their destinations on time.

Detective Chief Inspector Natalie Norris, who is leading the investigations, said: “Actions by Just Stop Oil on the M25 caused a significant amount of disruption to road users.

“We are determined to bring to justice all those who conspire to cause significant and unreasonable disruption to London and the motorway network. Our investigations are progressing at pace, but we would also like to hear from anyone who believes they were adversely affected by the disruptions to come forward with information to help our investigations.

“I know a substantial number of people will have been simply delayed by the disruption, but specifically I would like to hear from anyone who was prevented from getting to necessary or vital appointments or meetings, attend planned work and therefore missed out on payment, missed, or were severely delayed, attending any significant life events with a view to obtaining a statement from them.”

Anyone who was seriously inconvenienced between 7 to 10 November 2022, can supply information via our website

So far to date, 61 people involved in the M25 disruptions with being charged: 43 for causing a public nuisance and 18 on conspiracy to cause a public nuisance.

Three people have been convicted of causing a public nuisance, resulting in the following sentences:

– Six months’ imprisonment;

– Six months suspended sentence, a £154 surcharge and £85 costs;

– Six months suspended sentence, a £154 surcharge and £85 costs.

The remaining 58 people are pending trial.

*Please, note that this does not include motorists who were simply caught in the congestion caused by the disruption.

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