Cranes go up ahead of major St Albans Road housing blocks


Cranes go up ahead of major St Albans Road housing blocks

Named The Eight Gardens, it will include 1,214 homes, and built in 11 blocks including towers of 28, 24, and 22 storeys.

Video captures start of construction

On the former site of The Range, which was relocated to Watford Arches Retail Park.

Site entrance to Berkeley Homes’ scheme in St Albans Road. Credit Wayne Usher

The height of the Cranes gives an indication of what is to come.

Aerial plan view of finished blocks

The 28 one will eclipse the current Cortland Cassiobury 24-storey tower in Ascot Road, on the other side of Watford, which is near completion.

Eight Gardens block

The Watford Observer released a list of where more homes are planned, which includes:

  • Watford police station
  • Sainsbury’s next to the parade
  • Asda, Dome Roundabout
  • Waterfields Retail Park
  • Wiggenhall Depot
  • Croxley View, Holywell
  • Former Mothercare HQ including Cinch
  • Meriden school

Watford mayor Peter Taylor has often described Watford’s housing targets as “unrealistic”. There has also been growing resentment, often directed at the council, for its approval of some huge schemes in Watford, such as the 24-storey tower that is nearly complete in Ascot Road, as well as towers of 28, 24, and 22 storeys for St Albans Road.

RIVERWELL Thomas Sawyer Way

Ascot Road

Sydney Road

Garston former bus garage site

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