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king charles iii

King Charles III The First day after the Queen’s death

King Charles addressed the Nation for the first time and William and Kate are made Prince and Princess of Wales

At 73, HRM solemnly pledged to uphold the constitutional principles, and pays tribute to his mothers memory and honour her life of service.

Granting his son William the title Prince of Wales, and that Camilla as Queen consort.

Followed by Thanksgiving service for Her Majesty the Queen at St Paul’s Cathedral in London which was broadcast live to the nation.

king charles iii

God Save The King sang for first time at end of memorial service.

The Bishop of London then gave her tribute where she said the Queen had a “remarkable Christian faith” and Jesus Christ was a “fountain and well from which she drew deeply”.

Dame Sarah also reflected on the longevity of the Queen’s reign, describing her as a “remarkable constant in the lives of millions”.

king charles iii

As the country mourns the death of Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles greeted well-wishers outside Buckingham Palace.

MPs held a minute’s silence in the House of Commons.

Gun salutes blasted across the country on Friday afternoon, with 96 rounds fired to mark eache year of the Queen’s life.

king charles iii
All Newspapers carried a photo of the late Queen Elizabeth II were Sold out

Major Television channels continually broadcast updates, history, and thanksgiving tributes.

queen elizabeth ii,signs,street,watford,uk
Every hoarding in Watford and London displays the Queen’s portrait.

King Charles III held his first meeting with prime minister Liz Truss at Buckingham Palace.

Because the Queen has died while at her Balmoral residence in Scotland, an additional plan, Operation Unicorn will be to bring her back to London on a Royal Train.

king charles iii
King Charles III

A separate process, Operation Spring Tide, which sees Charles become King, will also take place.

Leaders and monarchs from around the world will attend the Queen’s state funeral in Westminster, London in about 10 or 11 days’ time, Monday 19th September.

Will there be a bank holiday?

It will be declared a bank holiday.

Books of condolence have been made available at Watford Museum and the Town Hall (click here for details)

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