Crime Scene declared after man dies on Watford to Bushey road


Crime Scene declared after man dies on Watford to Bushey road

Police and Ambulance were called to incident of man at bus stop in need of urgent medical attention.

crime scene
A mans body was seen lying in the bus stop shelter.

Body was still in the Bus Stop Shelter, so why the Ambulance left is unsure.

The elderly man died, the body lying horizontal on the ground covered in a blue blanket up to his shoulders, his head not covered and possibly with an oxygen mask.

It is unknown the circumstances of the death or if the family has been notified.

VIDEO at 6pm.

One witness told us the road has been closed since around 4pm. The police shared an alert on social media at 5pm.

Just after 6pm police tapped off the area between Bushey Arches and Lower High street.

An officer said it was now a crime scene, and that it will not open for this evening.

crime scene
Four Police Cars, and two Emergency Response vehicles and an Ambulances

Travel Choas as Football match ends

Traffic was diverted along Dalton Way. Tailback congestion along Thomas Sawyer Way. Tailbacks stretched the length of Waterfields Way.

crime scene

Tailbacks along the lower high street passed the Train Station and onto the the ring road.

crime scene

Pedestrians trying to journey on foot were told they must find an alternative route around, such as through nearby Oxhey park. This was because the body remained visible from the path on the side of Jaguar Rover showroom.

A man in a wheelchair felt put out that Police would not allow him to pass.

Bus travel was also disrupted.

At 10pm police say the road in Bushey Arches has now been re-opened.

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