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Naughty Boy thanks King Charles in Good Morning Britain interview

41-year-old Musician Naughty Boy was awarded £5,000 by The Prince’s Trust in 2005 and used the money to set up a studio in the shed in his parents’ garden.

He also won £44,000 on the game show Deal or No Deal which he says he used to pay back the trust, but it assisted even further.

Now he has collaborated with Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, Emeli Sande and Jennifer Hudson.

Appearing on Friday’s episode GMB interview

Good Morning Britain interview

The I’m A Celebrity star and musician spoke to the ITV programme today from his home in Buckinghamshire.

‘I feel like we’ve got the most diverse king. Even seeing him how he approached the crowds, he’s united a nation that’s grieving.’

‘There was one time in the palace where I performed an Asian song, and I remember him referring to the Queen Consort as his “mehbooba”, which is a very romantic, loving way of addressing your lover.

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Music Producer Naughty Boy

This year he made his first appearance to crowds in his hometown Watford during the Querns Jubliee and centenary celebrations.

‘I’m from West Watford and I was born on a council estate.

Naughty Boy will be travelling out of the UK to work during the Queen’s mourning.

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