Violent Machete attacker jailed for London Attack

[Jailed: Dominic Cummins] pic met police

Violent Machete attacker jailed for London Attack

A man who carried out a violent machete attack on men in a car in Tower Hamlets has been jailed for eight years.

Dominic Cummins, 21 of Invicta Close, Tower Hamlets, was sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment on Tuesday, 24 September at Snaresbrook Crown Court. 

He had already been previously found guilty of attempted grievous bodily harm with intent and possession of an offensive weapon on Thursday, 15 August at the same court.

The court heard that at around 4:15pm on 21 May 2018, three males were driving along Bow Common Lane when they stopped at a set of traffic lights.

Cummins, who was riding a moped, when he recognised the men in the car and dumped the moped onto the pavement as he jumped off whilst he pulled a large machete from his trousers and walked towards the car.

The driver and passenger got out and ran off as they were briefly chased by Cummins towards St Pauls’ Way and luckily they escaped.

Cummins returns to the car which was still stopped at the traffic lights.

As he opened the rear door, a third man in the back of the car brandished his own blade at Cummins. However, he dropped it, tripped over and fell to the ground. 

Cummins proceeded to attack this man with the machete multiple times, slashing his arms, chest, and head, causing him to suffer significant blood loss.

The victim got back into the car and drove off. Cummins fled the scene on his moped heading northbound on Bow Common Lane. It is unknown where the other two men went. 

Officers received intelligence that Cummins was responsible for the incident, and he was later arrested on 14 June 2018. 

Detective Constable Andrew Bray, of the Met’s Central East CID, said: “This was a vicious attack and the victim is extremely lucky to walk away with his life. Cummins carried out this brutal attack in broad daylight, leaving passers-by fleeing in panic and in fear for their own lives.

“Cummins is a violent individual and I’m grateful to the jury and witnesses for helping us to secure this conviction.”


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