Warner Bros New Studios Expansion Plans in Leavesden

Warner Bros New Studios Expansion

Warner Bros New Studios Expansion Plans in Leavesden

Warner Bros Studios is hoping for future expansion of the Studio since opening their doors in 2012.

Today a consultation was held at Leavesden Park, Hercules Way which allowed the public to view plans and submit feedback.

Designed to meet the increasing demand for their facilities as the UK film and TV production industry is booming.

They want to build on the 200 acre Studio site which is located immediately to the north of Watford just within the M25 on Junction 19 and north of Hunton Bridge roundabout, to accommodate the increasing demand.

Warner Bros New Studios Expansion

The plans include new studio buildings on an area that was used for outside film sets next to the A41 slip road, and adding a new ‘southern’ roundabout. These will include new sound stages, workshops and production offices. The two sites will be linked with a pedestrian bridge.

Warner Bros New Studios Expansion
Artists impression of the new car park.

An unused triangle of land between the two roads will be turned into multi-storey parking area, named on the map as the ‘Island site’.

Keeping the temporary backlot 2 which is a key asset, and making it a permanent area using strict parameters external film space.

New native woodland will be planted along the outer edge and on the top of the earth mound, helping to screen activities within the backlot area. These will be a minimum of 3m in height and designed to co-exist and adding to areas where little or no planting currently exists.

The use of electric vehicles and new ‘all electric’ offices, energy efficient buildings with large areas of solar panels on the roofs to reduce the carbon footprint. Plus using enhanced fabric, more efficient heating and cooling systems and the inclusion of photovoltaics.

The majority of those working at the Studio arrive before 7.30am, with relatively low rates of arrivals in the traditional morning peak period between 8am and 9am. Over 60% of the staff live locally.

The Studios will soon be submitting these plans for new sound stages, workshops and offices, external film production areas and improved green spaces for public access. (WBSL future vision pages )

Leavesden Studios is one of the most important centres of the UK’s film industry.

They have been used for film making since the mid 1990.

This is the place where some of the great films are made such as Mission: Impossible, Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, Kingsman, Spider-Man: Far From Home and the soon out House of The Dragon Game of Thrones prequel. Is also home to Hogwarts and Harry Potter Tour.

The site of Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden has a rich history and has led several fascinating lives since it was originally built more than 70 years ago. From wartime aircraft factory of Leavesden Aerodrome, the Rolls-Royce buys the site in 1967 to today’s dream factory, this place has undergone plenty of changes over the years, while always remaining as central to the local community as it is today.

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[…] productions such as Mission: Impossible, Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, Kingsman, Spider-Man: Far From Home and many more including Matt Reeves’ upcoming film The […]

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