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NHS Hospital Sinkhole Road in West Herts remains closed until spring

A road outside the main entrance of the hospital reception where a sinkhole opened up, is due to remain closed until the spring.

video of initial emergency repairs in August 2022. (Watnews)

The subsidence, caused by an underground leak from a mains water pipe, appeared outside Watford General Hospital on Vicarage Road on 21 August.

West Herts Hospital NHD Trust said the leak had been fixed, but “significant underground damage” needed repair.

In a statement, the trust said the hole had been backfilled and there was no sign of further subsidence. However, it said it would be a “long and painstaking process to restore the road”, as investigations were needed to prevent further damage.

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The road closes by the main entrance to the hospital where a sinkhole opened. (Image WatfordMedia)

Diversions remain in place, and patients and visitors can continue to access the hospital via Thomas Sawyer Way.

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