Breaking News: Police cordon off Croxley Park after Boy Hospitalised

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Breaking News: Police cordon off Croxley Park after Boy Hospitalised

Locals in the area could hear and see a police search Helicopter circling the area.

3:38pm Latest update Forensics arrived at the scene.

breaking news
1538hrs, Forensics at the scene. (Image WatNews)

A general purpose Dog unit is being used.

Earlier form 1.20 pm.

Video from 1:20pm. (video by WatNews)

Our reporter was at the scene and says the police cordon stretches from Beggars Bush Lane, Croxley Wharf by the two Bridges roundabouts and River Gade, to Blackmoor Lane in Croxley Business Park.

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Officers armed with Tasers and one with a pistol, guard the cordon. (Image WatNews)
breaking news
Police Cordon at Junction of Beggars Bush Lane and Blackmoor Lane, Croxley Park. (Image from Dash cam.)

The police had corned off the area and on the other side at the Croxley business Park.

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CID and others mobilised headed to the Business Park. (video screenshot)
breaking news
Five Police cars parked around the roundabout.
breaking news
Air Ambulance parked behind in Westfield Academy School field near Ascot Road.

An Air Ambulance was see taking off at 13:58.

breaking news

Hertfordshire Constabulary have said their enquiries are continuing and they asked anyone with information to call 101 quoting ISR 327 of 6 June.

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