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Cannabis factories discovered in Bushey and Borehamwood

Police raid cannabis grow houses at Homefield Road, Bushey and Micklefield Way, Borehamwood

Police (NPAS) Helicopters spotted large heat sources from two properties and alerted the force.

Officers from the Scorpion team then raided the addresses on Monday morning (18 October).  

Three men were arrested following the discovery of 260 cannabis plants in the two cannabis factories in Hertsmere. 

Cannabis Plants (photo via Hertsmere constabulary)
  • 150 cannabis plants found growing inside the Bushey address, at various stages of growth, and two men were arrested on suspicion of production of cannabis.
  • Over 110 cannabis plants being grown inside the Borehamwood address, at various stages of growth.  One man was arrested on suspicion of production of cannabis.

Neighbourhood Inspector Rachael Robertson said: “This discovery resulted in a substantial quantity of drugs being removed from circulation.

“Whatever your views on cannabis, the fact is that it remains an illegal drug and we will continue to take action against those suspected of growing and supplying it. It is a fact that drugs of all kinds are can be the catalyst for exploitation of young people and violent crime and we will do all we can to prevent this from happening.


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