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Cannabis factory

Cannabis factory discovered in Bovingdon

Two people have been arrested after officers discovered a cannabis factory in Bovingdon.

On Monday morning (14 February), Police and Operational Support Group (OSG) busted an address in Chipperfield Road, thought to be involved in drug production.

Inside the property, police found a total of 851 cannabis plants and over £15,000 cash.

Cannabis factory
£500k worth of cannabis. Picture: Herts Police.

Two men, a 50 year old from Hemel Hempstead and a 41 year old from Printers Way, Dunstable were arrested at the site.

Cannabis factory
The cannabis farm. Picture: Herts Police.

PC Juliette Cohen, from Hertfordshire Constabulary’s Operational Support Group, said: “We are pleased that we have prevented this substantial amount of class B drugs from getting onto the streets and causing misery to lives. Cannabis factories are often linked to the exploitation of society’s most vulnerable.

“As well as being very unpleasant for neighbours and local residents, the factories also pose a significant fire hazard as they use large amounts of water and electricity, which are often syphoned from other people’s supplies.

“We get a lot of our intelligence regarding drugs thanks to vigilant members of the public reporting suspicious activity in their neighbourhoods, such as the cultivation of drugs or drug dealing.

You can look out for the following signs of cannabis being grown in your community:

  • A strong and sickly-sweet smell
  • Lighting and ventilation equipment being taken into the house
  • Windows always covered or blocked off
  • People coming and going at all hours or neighbours you never see
  • Strong and constant lighting at all hours
  • High levels of condensation
  • Constant buzz of ventilation equipment
  • Lots of power cables around the property.

Anyone with information on drugs supply has been urged to contact Hertfordshire Constabulary via 101

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