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Labour Party Blocks Jeremy Corbyn from Running as a Candidate in Next Election

The governing body of the UK’s Labour party has voted to block former leader Jeremy Corbyn from running as a Labour candidate in the next election.

The National Executive Committee (NEC) approved a motion by current leader Sir Keir Starmer, with 22 members voting in favour and 12 against. Corbyn is currently suspended from the party and serves as an independent MP due to accusations of antisemitism.

Despite this decision, Corbyn has stated that he has no plans to leave politics. He is now considering running as an independent candidate in his constituency of Islington North.

Mr Corbyn criticised the Labour leader, claiming Sir Keir “has broken his commitment to respect the rights of Labour members and denigrated the democratic foundations of our party”, in a statement issued on Monday.

“I joined the Labour Party when I was 16 years old because, like millions of others, I believed in a redistribution of wealth and power,” he added.

“Our message is clear: we are not going anywhere. Neither is our determination to stand up for a better world.”

This move follows months of speculation regarding Corbyn’s potential candidacy, with Sir Keir previously stating that he would not be endorsed by the Labour party. During his own campaign for leadership, Sir Keir had advocated for local party members to select their own candidates for all elections, calling for an end to NEC-imposed candidates on local associations.

Sir Keir confirmed this stance in a tweet. “It is is not in the best interests of the Labour Party for it to endorse Mr Corbyn as a Labour Party candidate at the next general election,” the text of the motion says.

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