Man taken to hospital after fall at Tesco’s


Man taken to hospital after fall at Tesco’s

A man fell over a defective walkway whilst out shopping at Tesco in Watford.

The path had raised up making a ridge and uneven. It is possible the hot weather has triggered it, or the drainage channel is a cause.

Today the elderly man returned to the location with his right arm bandaged up and in a sling.

Him and his partner took photos of the spot where he fell.

he said ” I will be passing these photos onto my solicitor”

The superstore has cones in place, but this does not stop shoppers going through them.

The grey haired man of about 5’6, wearing a blue shirt, did not want to give his name, or let us take photo of his arm out of action.

We hoped he would, so a cautionary tale would help others be careful and pay attention to where they walk.

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