Met Office Snow forecast for Southern England weather warning -10C

weather warning

Met Office Snow forecast for Southern England weather warning -10C

The Met Office has issued a Level 3 cold weather alert in certain parts of the UK, where sub-zero temperatures are expected to drop as low as -10C. This could pose a significant danger to vulnerable individuals.

Today: 6th March

Mild in the south with bright spells and a few showers ahead of a band of rain and hill snow moving slowly southwards. Much colder weather following across northern areas with sunny spells and snow showers.


Rain, sleet and snow edging slowly southwards across England and Wales, turning icy. Further snow showers affecting northern parts with some accumulations, though mostly clear and frosty well inland.

Tuesday: 7th March

Rain, sleet and snow clearing from southern England. Many inland areas then sunny, but snow and hail showers affecting northern areas, especially north-facing coasts. Cold for all.

Last year a snow blizzard swept across Watford, North West London blocking out the sun.

What Watford looks like from above covered in Snow (2017)
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