One Stop Shop Store in Watford is being

One Stop Shop Store in Watford is being

One Stop Stores which are conveniently located all around the country, and all are open 7 days a week,  has this week closed it’s Watford Branch.

The store closed at the weekend.  One local said the shelves were not restocked on Saturday.

Shop Sign removed. 89-91 N Approach, Watford WD25 0EL

Locals who want a loaf of bread or milk will not be able to.  This also applies to the Post Office counter situated in the shop.

What is going to be in it’s place!!

Some regulars may have already suspected the product deals looked familiar to another Supermarket chain.   Which would have been correct if they thought Tesco because One Stop, convenience store chain was acquired by Tesco in 2003.

The foreman in charge commented, “it is going to get a total refurb inside, with fresh paint and the new store sign is being put up today.

The store will become a Tesco Express and open its doors on the 3rd march.  The staff will keep their jobs abdl carry on working there.  Staff were seen working in the Tesco Express around the corner ahead of the brand switchover. 

Katherine Place, 11 College Rd, Abbots Langley WD5 0BT

Not to far from the Kingswood shops, over the otherside of the North Orbital Road and passed Woodside is another Tesco Express.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We are rebranding a number of One Stop stores to Tesco Express. We believe the Express brand will better serve these communities, offering a broader range of both branded and Tesco own branded products, as well as more fresh food and food to go. We look forward to serving the community when the store opens next month.”

It was also confirmed they are keeping the post office which will be re-open at the same time as the shop.

Other Local Supermarkets in Kingswood and Leavesden Area include Co-op,  Costcutter, NISA, and  Tesco-Express.

Abbotswood Park, Aerodrome Way, Leavesden, Watford WD25 7LS

The nearest Post Office is in 146-148 Haines Way, Leavesden, Watford WD25 7QX.

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