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man falls

Man falls from balcony is unconscious in Watford

Emergency services attended to a man laying unconscious on in a parking bay next to the path at just after 6pm. A pool of blood was left where he fell.

999 were called in the early evening at 6pm. 2 Ambulances, 6 Police cars and a command unit arrived to Rembrant Way, West Watford.

A cordon was put in place.


Police could be seen looking up at a balcony on the 2nd floor, where the man had fallen from. Apparently the man suffered mental health.

man falls
The area was cordoned off.

Police say he was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

The injured man was put into an ambulance which remained at the scene. Sadly he didn’t make it and passed away.

man falls
Ambulance and Paramedics at the scene

An hour later an Essex & Herts Air Ambulance vehicle arrived on the scene.

Local Crime Unit Detectives were next to arrive on the scene.

Neighbours said police had knocked doors in the early hours this morning at 2am after reports of screams.

Most emergency vehicles left at 7:30pm leaving one police van next to a small area cordoned off ready for forensics.

The area was clear by 10:15pm.

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