Royal Mail Posties got high after ‘Eating Hash Brownies At Work’

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Royal Mail Posties got high after ‘Eating Hash Brownies At Work’

The Royal Mail has launched an investigation after footage shared online appeared to show a bunch of posties accidentally tucking into some hash brownies at work.

Video clips posted on Instagram claimed the brownies were sent out to an empty property and had no return address, so after a month they were opened up and given to staff, who were completely unaware they contained cannabis.

hash brownies

The Instagram account has since been deleted, had shared the video in which one postman could be seen looking fairly disorientated as he attempted to walk down a south London street, eventually being helped by a colleague. 🤣

hash brownies

Someone else can be heard to say: “You’re just really high.”The clip then cuts to the postie sitting in a chair as he stumbles over his words and tells his coworker: “I had four in all.”

Royal Mail did not see the funny side of the incident and is considering disciplinary action, with unconfirmed reports that some of the staff involved have been suspended.

In a statement a spokesperson said: “Royal Mail expects the highest standards of behaviour from our people at all times. We are taking this matter very seriously.”

It added: “We have commenced an investigation, which will determine whether any further action, including disciplinary action, might be taken. We are also reminding all staff at the delivery office of the correct procedures for dealing with items with no address for delivery or return.”

Royal Mail confirmed that no one has suffered any problems with health or wellbeing since the incident.

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