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YMCA delighted to receive £108,900 in funding from LandAid

LandAid’s funding to One YMCA will be targeted to combat youth homelessness in Luton

One YMCA based in Herts, Beds and Bucks is delighted to announce the award of £108,900 in grant funding from LandAid, the property industry charity which is working to end youth homelessness in the UK.

The funding will be used by One YMCA to refurbish currently empty houses to create two inspiring, energising and psychologically informed homes. With the support of One YMCA’s dynamic pathway to independence and trained staff, young people will be helped to learn and develop the skills and knowledge necessary for them to sustainably manage their independence.    

LandAid’s funding will enable a cohort of eight young people leaving care access to safe, secure and supported accommodation so they can live life to the full and avoid a risk of homelessness or rough sleeping in the future.  The project is due to commence in Summer, 2022.

Charity spokesperson, Mark Turner, Director of Operations said: “I’m sure it will sound a little over the top, but thanks to LandAid’s support we literally can now change the future! We can change the future and futures of those local young people who may otherwise suffer long lasting, potentially even for a lifetime, trauma and negative mental health impact of being homeless or having to rough sleep. We can now provide homes, support and a real opportunity for them to reach their full potential in life.”

LandAid’s mission is to bring the property industry together to support charities delivering life-changing services for young people who are or have been homeless, or who are at risk of homelessness in the future. Through a unique network of corporate partners, we invest funding and expertise where we can achieve lasting impact. 

Kevin Hunter, Grants Programme Manager at LandAid said: “We couldn’t be happier to award this grant to One YMCA, an organisation with a strong track record locally, and a commitment to supporting young people to achieve positive outcomes as they progress into more settled accommodation. We look forward to seeing this project develop. As always, many thanks to the companies and individuals in the property industry, without whose fundraising efforts we would not be able to make grants like these.”

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