Global Day of Action COP26 day 7


Global Day of Action COP26 day 7

Today is also the Global Day of Action.

COP26 is calling on governments, businesses and civil society to endorse the Leaders’ Pledge for Nature and to make ambitious commitments to build nature positive economies and societies.

We are facing the twin threats of climate change and biodiversity loss.

Actor Idris Elba tells channel4 Fatima manji at COP26: “I wouldn’t be here if I couldn’t make a difference.” 

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Idris Elba “Much can start new in Africa”

“Because I have a voice that I can use to amplify it, then I’m going to use it.” 

Every Town in UK can join in, Watford march ended by midday.

Watford Mayor and MPs out to march today.

In Watford ‘Friends of the Earth’ joined by the Mayor of Watford. But this was just a brief visit.

Watford Libdems say the are committed to protecting and improving the environment.  Watford Borough Council tweeted “we are all in together”.  

In London the march went on to Trafalgar Square.

The Countryside Charity out campaigning.
A Giant Avocet created by Thinguma Theatre

Crowds are building outside millennium point and the RSPB have put up a massive puppet of an Avocet as an example of how endangered species can be saved with good land management.

On Friday Tens of thousands marched through Glasgow, today the number is expected to be much larger.

Watch David Attenborough speech video from the conference Day 1.

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