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Proclamation of King Charles III

His Majesty The King has proclaimed at the Accession Council at 10am on 10th September in the State Apartments of St James’s Palace, London.

‘God Save the King’ was performed, followed by three cheers as King Charles III is acknowledged.

A second Proclamation will be read in the City of London, at the Royal Exchange at midday on the same day Saturday 10th September. Further Proclamations will be read around the country.

This was all televised and streamed live to the world as never before.

The date of funeral will be announced but new monarch confirms day will be bank holiday.

Proclamation of the new King His Majesty King Charles III in Hertfordshire

Watford accession will take place on 11 Sept (4pm) at the Peace Memorial with the mayor & Chairman Councillor.

St Albans ceremony to proclaim the new King will be held on the Museum + Gallery balcony at 4.30pm on Sunday (11th Sept). A 3.30pm proclamation at Civic Centre will be webcast.

The proclamation ceremony at County Hall, Hertford at 1pm on Sunday 11 September.

The High Sherriff of Hertfordshire will read the proclamation issued by the Accession Council, in the presence of the Lord Lieutenant and local civic leaders.

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