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Northern Lights

Northern Lights appear in Hertfordshire locations for second night of stunning photos

The sights of the Northern lights were captured from Chorelywood and St Albans.

The UK received a second night of spectacular views of the lights to enjoy on Monday evening.

Northern Lights
Stunningly lit photo from Chorleywood (photo Jon Richards/Twitter)

John wrote, “Literally just now. The Northern lights at Chorleywood… Hertfordshire. Crazy! Total dream to see – completely indistinct though and needed my phone to capture it on 3” exposure. But ace!”

Northern Lights
Vivid pink colour from St Albans(image Joel Rabinowitz/twitter)

Joel said, “For the second night in a row, the northern lights paid a visit all the way down in St Albans, Hertfordshire (51.7 degrees north).”

Northern Lights
(image Joel Rabinowitz/twitter)

During the period of solar maximum, there is heightened solar activity, leading to a greater likelihood of experiencing frequent geomagnetic storms and strong Northern Lights even at lower latitudes. As we approach the peak of cycle number 25 in 2023, it is an opportune year to witness the Aurora.

A EasyJet airplane travelling from Iceland to Manchester made a 360-degree turn for a better view for passengers as the aurora borealis lit up skies across the UK in a rare display.

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